RSAW Welsh Architecture Awards shortlist 2021

Close examination of the attached reveals that our cottage in Wales is on the shortlist for this year’s RSAW Architecture Awards (we were on last year, but they’ve carried us over to this year). It entailed a flying visit today to meet one of the judges in situ in order to commend the virtues of a small-scale rural project making a nineteenth-century cottage disabled accessible in such a way that it retains the character of the original. The sun shone. The grass has grown long and wild:-


3 thoughts on “RSAW Welsh Architecture Awards shortlist 2021

  1. sandynairne says:

    Very pleased to know that your lovely looking cottage has been short-listed; but also pleased that Maggie’s Cardiff, designed by Dow Jones, and with paintings on loan from the National Museum of Wales and bollards by Antony Gormley.

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