The Line

I half knew about the Line, the sculpture trail which stretches from the Olympic Park to the Millennium Dome or vive versa, but had never walked it until today. It’s an impressive way of connecting bits of East London which I did not previously know connected – partly because there is an obscure path stretching south from Three Mills past the gas holders to Cody Dock.

We started at the Dome:-

There is a remarkable view of Canary Wharf from the east (what used to be called the Valley of the Failure of Capitalism):-

Richard Wilson’s Slice of Reality, which has been there since the Millennium:-

And Antony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud:-

To the north of the river, there is a Richard Rogers’ pumping station, contemporary with John Outram’s on the Isle of Dogs:-

And then a walk up an obscure section of the River Lea:-

And a view of the Balfron Tower and the new developments of Canary Wharf beyond:-

It says it’s only 2.4 miles, but it felt like a good way to explore some of the obscurer bits of East London.


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