I went to the launch party for the publication of George Saumarez Smith’s beautiful measured drawings of the different aspects of – mainly – classical buildings, done over the last twenty five years since he bought a cloth-bound sketchbook from Cornellisen before travelling in 1996. Of course, this was until recently part of the training of architects, so that, as George describes, they were required to engage with the details of form and proportion: a good discipline for the understanding and appreciation of historic buildings by studying them closely. Published (very handsomely) by Triglyph Books.


One thought on “Sketchbooks

  1. robheal says:

    As you say, sketching buildings was part of an architect’s training. I own the sketch book of Thomas Westmacott, who won a silver medal for his drawing while working in the office of James Wyatt. Tragically, this very promising young student died not long after winning the medal and his sketchbook was inherited by his brother Henry, who used it for his own sketches.

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