Stirling Prize 2021 (1)

An interesting choice of shortlist for the Stirling Prize, not least for its inclusion of of Amin Taha’s rough-hewn block in a conservation area of Islington, both traditional in its geometry, but at the same time very handcrafted, with evidence everywhere of its processes of construction. Its inclusion is odd because it was finished some time ago, but was then caught up in a planning dispute with Islington Council who wanted it demolished. I like the look of the Windermere Jetty Museum by Carmody Groarke and the beautiful elegance of the Tintagel Castle footbridge by Ney & Partners, a Belgian firm of bridge designers. It doesn’t say anywhere that I can find who picks the shortlist and now who picks the winner, which would be good to know, as it’s not going to be an easy choice.


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