Bevis Marks Synagogue (3)

It looks pretty clear that there is a big battle going on over the future of the Bevis Marks Synagogue and its access to natural daylight. On the one side, you have the City’s planning department and councillors, determined to have their way, who maintain that, post-COVID, you must have development at all costs, as big and brash as can be. There don’t seem to be enough people on the other side questioning this strategy. I have been twice recently to meetings in big City law firms. They have been totally deserted. It looks to me at least possible that people will decide that it is nicer to work as much as possible from home and not in some bleak inhospitable 68-floor monster surrounded by other monsters in an area where history and culture and human memory have been effectively eradicated. A bit of me hopes this happens to demonstrate the penalties of greed.


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