German lorry drivers

I have refrained from commenting on politics recently since I find myself amongst the 48% of the population who were cautious or sceptical about the benefits of Brexit and so are deemed by government as having views which have proved to be illegitimate. But it is hard not to see the polity unravelling, when even Nigel Farage is complaining that he can’t buy petrol. Of course, I am aware that we are being encouraged to believe by assorted MPs that none of what is happening has anything to do with Brexit, although the current situation bears an uncanny resemblance to politics pre-1973: a general air of malaise and extreme government incompetence.

This morning I can’t help laughing that the Department of Transport has written to thousands of Germans in the UK asking them to help out by driving Heavy Goods Vehicles. It’s an odd appeal to German patriotism to ask them to help us out of our self-induced national crisis.


One thought on “German lorry drivers

  1. I have been abstaining as far as possible from reading the news, especially at weekends, for the sake of my mental health 😉 ….thus I would have missed this little gem without you, so many thanks for the wry smile it raised. A propos the similarities with 1973, this could well be an outtake from ‘On the Buses’ or ‘Fawlty Towers’, retrieved from the cutting room floor.

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