The Barbican Competition (2)

I have been sent – I should really have seen it before – the brief for the competition to redevelop the Barbican. Most of it is probably deliberately vague, allowing the architects maximum freedom to come up with ideas. But it is striking that there is little about the historical importance and integrity of the existing structures and the need to preserve them. Also, no indication as to who is judging the architectural competition and whether the proposals will be published. The services probably need to be renewed. There is a lot of underused public space. But this is partly what gives the Barbican its sense of civic generosity. I look forward to seeing the plans.


One thought on “The Barbican Competition (2)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Apart from some memorable concerts, mainly LSO doing fascinating newly – found Eastern European work, in the wonderful concert hall, I have two embedded sharp memories of the Barbican. The first is the absolute joy of a couple I knew in the late sixties, showing me their brand new flat – a far cry from their home to date. The second was when we were making Rivers and Tides with Andy Goldsworthy. We filmed his snowball at the entrance to the centre in 2000 and were struck by the pleasure it was patently giving to visitors. It always seemed to me to be an admirable kind of place. … though it has been a long time.

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