The Souvenir Part II (2)

I should maybe clarify a comment I made in last night’s post about Nick Coker, the person on whom the character of Anthony in both parts of The Souvenir is closely based. In the film, it is said that Anthony was involved with the Foreign Office. This was true of Nick Coker in real life, but no-one that I know knows whether or not it was true and I have assumed that now it would be impossible to find out, because we all assumed that the involvement was unofficial and therefore presumably undocumented, occasional payments to collect or deliver documents, which was apparently not uncommon. Nick cultivated a deliberate air of mystery round his activities, which comes across very clearly in the films. I suppose there might be someone still alive who might know the truth of this, but would they necessarily remember ? And, more to the point, would they reveal it ? If anyone does know the answer, I would of course be profoundly interested, as I assume would Joanna Hogg.


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