Frank Auerbach

There is a wonderful small, but very focussed and thoughtful exhibition of the work of Frank Auerbach in the Newlands Gallery in Petworth. It is based on two groups of work. The first is his long-standing fascination with the composition of works in the National Gallery – Constable’ Hay Wain, his Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831) and the work of Turner, including The Fighting Temeraire. The second is a very substantial group of paintings collected by David Wilkie, an insurance clerk in Brentwood who befriended Auerbach, paid for work over time and bequeathed his collection to the Tate where it is mostly unseen, although it includes some excellent and memorable pictures.

This is the picture he commissioned of Rimbaud:-

This is a painting he asked Auerbach to do of a painting Titian might have done – Callisto’s death – but as seen from Hampstead Heath (it includes Michael Foot in the foreground):-


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