The Burrell Collection (3)

A month or so ago, I went to see the Burrell Collection for the press opening and before the collection had been fully installed. I was very impressed: by its scale; by the amazing quality and range of the collection; and by the way it had been restored, although I was already aware that one of the three architects, John Meunier, was critical of its restoration.

The biggest change is to open a new front entrance. This makes good sense – to make it look and feel more accessible to the surrounding park. The second big change is to remove the old lecture theatre and replace it with an open forum space in the centre of the building. Again, this makes good sense. And I think maybe one or two of the period rooms have been removed. The result has been to open the building up and make it feel more generous. I hope John Meunier will visit it and be pleased by the result.

Below is my considered verdict:-


2 thoughts on “The Burrell Collection (3)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    The Burrell has now been opened for four days and has been very warmly welcomed in Scotland. Jan Patience did a segment on it on Front Row from Glasgow – on Wednesday I think. The schools have had previews and love it. I’ve yet to brave the Covid corridor that is the Edinburgh /Glasgow train but will do so soon as we’re working in Glasgow later in April. I’m starting a new film with Thomas Riedelsheimer -my very long- term collaborator – who made the Renzo Piano film for the RA exhibition, at the opening of which, I remember, we met.

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