Christopher Woodward

Reading Christopher Woodward’s choice of people who have made an impact on gardening in 2022 (see below) made me feel that he should have included himself: for his amazing and creative energy in running the Garden Museum; for having saved it from an adjacent tower block and campaigning for rights to daylight; for launching a competition to design the area next to the Garden Museum; for overseeing the acquisition of Benton End; for a constantly imaginative exhibition programme, including the current exhibition of Lucian Freud’s plants; for saving it during COVID by swimming to Tresco; not to forget its café, always a pleasure; and the annual festival which I missed this year.

I’m a bit prejudiced because I am one of his trustees, but I am amazed by how much is achieved.


2 thoughts on “Christopher Woodward

  1. fionabaigriehooper says:

    Good morning Charles,

    Thank you for what you write about Christopher Woodward, whose contribution through the Garden Museum to gardening arts, the lives of gardeners and garden lovers and the local community has been outstanding and inspiring. I am especially happy this morning to read that James Horner’s work is being recognised by the museum. James is indeed a quiet talent to watch, and so much more: a true plantsman and gardener, a creative artist who uses plants, his gifts as a designer, writer and communicator to bring spirit and imagination into every project he undertakes. James brought new life to our C 18th Kent farm house’s flower and vegetable gardens and its ancient meadows and fields. Working with James has been one of the privileges of my life in England, our gardening collaboration infused with the warmth of creative work and the pleasures of a friendship enriched by a shared love of gardening arts, and all it brings with it. I am delighted to see James recognised at the national level.

    With warm greetings

    Fiona Hooper

    The Rt Hon Sir Anthony & Lady Hooper Lyddendane Farm House Kent TN25 5HZ UK

    44 751 591 0483


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