Canada’s National Portrait Gallery

I’m pleased to see that Canada is resurrecting the idea of establishing a National Portrait Gallery which, I think, got further than is implied in the attached article (if you can open it). There was a Director, Lilly Koltun, who pursued the project with admirable energy (she died last year) and a building project, designed by Edward Jones.

The obvious precedent ought probably to be not so much the National Portrait Gallery in London, with over 150 years behind it, or Washington, a product of the 1960s, but Canberra, which emerged in the 1990s as a combination of private initiative – established through effective campaigning by Gordon and Marilyn Darling – and state funding: it has been very successful in combining photography and portraiture, starting with a broad remit and an adventurous exhibition programme. The risk is that the older established portrait galleries look too traditionalist, although both have radically reinvented themselves.


One thought on “Canada’s National Portrait Gallery

  1. Edward Jones says:

    The late Lilly Koultern ,as director of the PGC was a tireless advocate for the Portrait Gallery of Canada, to be constructed

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