The Frick

I regard no visit to New York as complete without spending a bit of time in the Frick, snatched between meetings.   I don’t think that there is any collection which has quite the same combination of great art and shared ownership.   I love it all – the slightly hushed atmosphere, the posh lady at the ticket desk.   I particularly love the array of Gainsboroughs in the Dining Room, including The Mall in St. James’s Park (he’s so much better at atmosphere than Reynolds), and the combination of pictures in the so-called Living Hall in the middle – Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert, El Greco’s St. Jerome, Holbein’s saintly Thomas More facing his surly Thomas Cromwell and Titian’s Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap.   Not to mention the predella from the Maestà.   Where else can one see such a group of pictures in a semi-domestic space ?

This is the Frick from outside:



I thought this was the façade of the Frick’s Art Reference Library, but it’s just the house next door:




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