Whitney Museum

I was pleased to see the Whitney before it goes downtown into a building by the Highline, while the original Marcel Breuer building is transferred, at least temporarily, to the Met.   The building is such a muscular and intense piece of brutalism, if such a description is appropriate to the work of one of the high priests of Bauhaus modernism:


By special request, I am including an additional photograph of the entrance façade which is more legible:


This is the north façade:



2 thoughts on “Whitney Museum

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Welcome back to the USA. I hope you are enjoying your visit to NYC. Brutalism is a good word to describe the Whitney, both inside and outside, but I think posting the picture in a landscape format would provide a more accurate view for your readers who may not be familiar with the museum. I’ve seen the building more times than I can count, and had to check online to determine what angle you captured.

    I can’t help but wonder what you would say about the archetecture of the new Barnes Museum in my neighborhood in Philadelphia.

    All the best,

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