Brexit (5)

I’m afraid that I have suspended all normal transmissions while, like everyone, I am trying to get used to a post-referendum world in which it looks as if Boris Johnson may become Prime Minister and Scotland leave the Union.   I was asked by someone if there was any advice I could give or anything one could usefully do.   I haven’t the foggiest, except wait and see.   It’s unexpectedly stormy weather, which seems appropriate, and the garden is lit up in an intense afternoon light after the rain:-



10 thoughts on “Brexit (5)

  1. Dear Charles,
    I’m sorry to hear that, particularly as in this troubled time we need measured and intelligent comment rather than the emotive response which is partly at the root of the problem.
    I will look forward to your posts, as always, when you feel able to continue.
    Best wishes, Mary

  2. William Griffin says:

    Identifying the need for a period of quiet reflection seems to me a wise reaction. Apart from that, sweetened tea used to be recommended for cases of shock!

  3. John Holden says:

    All good wishes to you. I am in complete and utter despair. The country I was born in will soon no longer exist and I will need a passport to visit my own child. A plague on the houses of the Conservatives who made this happen, and Labour who did nothing to stop it.

  4. Isabelle Weiler Le Martret says:

    In 2013, in an interview to The New Stateman Julian Barnes said that the UK had been ” selfish and uncooperative Europeans, smugly farting away in the corner “, and that it seemed ” perfectly possible that David Cameron would be remembered as the PM who lost Scotland and took Britain out of Europe “. It seems Mr Barnes was more clear-sighted than recent political commentators.
    Isabelle, from Rouen

  5. Andrew Wilson says:

    Dear Charles, Can we not declare London to be a City State, which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union? Andrew Wilson

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