Paradigm Shift

We were tipped off about a concert performed last night in a private house (or is it a restaurant ?) in Oslo which is apparently only available for twenty four hours. If you can catch it, I strongly recommend it – there is something very moving about their choice of pieces to perform, the quality of sound: Arvo Pärt, Max Richter and Bach. I hope it will be kept available online. If not, time is short.


4 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. joan says:

    We also enjoyed this last night. Not just the wonderful music but also the setting of the Ekeberg restaurant and its parquet flooring. I see from the concert blurb that Christian Ringnes, who owns the restaurant, also owns the violin that Mari Samuelsen was playing. And a look at his Wikipedia profile shows him to be the benefactor of a sculpture park as well as the owner of the largest collection of mini bottles in the world.

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